E-Val Pro Thermal Validation System

  • The E-Val Pro modules are available with 4 to 40 channels that can be any type of thermocouple as well as analog or digital sensors (pressure/RH).
  • Measuring range from -200 ºC to +1,300 ºC.
  • Operating range from +5 ºC to +50 ºC.
  • Resolution 0.01 ºC.


E-Val Pro Thermal Validation System


The next generation in real-time thermal validation


The E-Val Pro Thermal Validation System is designed for validation applications that require compliance with FDA guidelines and international GMP standards.
The E-Val Pro greatly simplifies and correctly documents the entire validation process. The ValSuite™ Pro software keeps a complete database on all aspects of your validation requirements – tracking thermocouples, calibration reports, test setup, data analysis, specific user access and final compliance reports.

Flexibility for Different Validation Applications E-Val Pro is designed as a single solution for all thermal validation applications. It can be run as a stand-alone unit or networked in connection with your PC. It can handle up to 120 channels. For applications that require tight compliance control, the software documents and controls each step reducing errors and maintaining guidelines. The easy expandability makes this a complete validation solution for a facility with a variety of applications.


The highest grade electronics are incorporated into the design greatly improving quality and accuracy. With 512MB of memory and a battery backup, data will not be lost due to a power outage. Cold junction compensation is integrated into each smart USB connector. The case is made of aluminum ensuring durability and reducing interference in the electronics which makes the unit ideal for a variety of validation environments.



• Autoclave Validation
• Lyophilization
• Depyrogenation
• Freezers
• Stability Chambers
• Incubators
• Alarm Monitoring
• Warehousing
• Retorts
• Pilot Vessels
• Freezers
• Alarm Monitoring
• Smoke Houses
• Ovens
• Roasters
• Aseptic



  • High accuracy is ensured by the implementation of ID chips that enable factory certification and calibration offsets to be stored in each individual thermocouple.
  • Accuracy of the E-Val Pro modules is ±0.05 ºC in an operating environment of +20 ºC to +30 ºC.
  • Accuracy of calibrated Ellab type T smart USB thermocouples is ±0.05 ºC from -50 ºC to +150 ºC.
  • Total system accuracy using Ellab type T smart thermocouples is ±0.10 ºC. 

Saving Time

  • Using E-Val Pro saves valuable time in a variety of situations. Set-up time is minimized by using USB connectors. These connectors quickly snap into the module saving time during set-up and when thermocouples are in need of replacement. The software automatically identifies the channel because of the ID chip in the connector, eliminating the need to label each thermocouple manually. 
  • Automated calibration or pre- and post-verification is the greatest time saving feature. Once the calibration template is set-up, the software is capable of auto-ramping the bath and streaming data from the reference standard directly into ValSuite™ Pro. This will automatically calibrate the selected thermocouples and save the offsets in the thermocouple ID chips. Additional thermocouples can be pre-calibrated alleviating the need to run a system calibration if one of the thermocouples fails during a validation study.
  • The E-Val Pro modules are available with 4 to 40 channels that can be any type of thermocouple as well as analog or digital sensors (pressure/RH).

  • The LCD display automatically shows all active channels showing time, temperature, pressure, and lethality for each channel. Real-time statistics are also available on the display.
  • Measuring range from -200 ºC to +1,300 ºC.
  • Operating range from +5 ºC to +50 ºC.
  • Resolution 0.01 ºC.
  • The sampling rate can be set from 1 second to 24 hours independent of the number of channels.
  • USB or LAN Connection
  • The modules contains easy plug and play USB connection.
  • Each module samples data independently from other modules.
  • The modules can also communicate through a standard ethernet connection directly to your PC. If a wireless network is available, a standard wifi adapter can be plugged into the module for wireless communication. The open network configuration is a tremendous advantage because it can run as a hardwired unit or via a wireless network when running wires is impractical or impossible.



  • The module can be operated as a stand-alone unit. The memory can contain 10 sessions (up to 8 hours per session) with 40 channels at a sample rate of 1 second or individual sessions can contain up to 80 hours of data with a 1 second sample rate. There is password protection and data can be transferred to a PC by connecting to the PC or by using a USB stick.

Custom Fittings

  • Packing glands and other fittings are available for probe placement in a variety of packaging materials. The glands are threaded to accept the tips and will maintain the seal when pressurized. It is very important that the tips are placed correctly in the “cold/hot zone” to obtain true lethality values. See examples of typical applications and configurations below.




Probes & Sensors



High Precision Thermocouple Probes

  • High quality thermocouples are often overlooked when purchasing a temperature measuring system. Using premium grade probes dramatically improves accuracy, stability and leads to a successful study. Often money and time are wasted trying to calibrate or locate problems with inferior thermocouples. Why risk it when many of your maintenance problems can be solved with a quality probe?
  • Ellab develops and manufactures a wide range of type T thermocouples for a variety of purposes (probes for frozen applications, special probes for liquids and air, probes for hot air ovens and autoclaves, high temperature probes, etc). The standard and penetration probes are supplied with threads which fit into packing glands for a leak-free seal into packages or cans.


ValSuite™ Pro Software

ValSuite™ Pro is an intuitive validation software which collects and presents validation data from all Ellab measuring devices. The ValSuite™ Pro software does include the full IQ/OQ documentation. The software package is designed for use on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The software is developed according to GAMP principles. The ValSuite™ Pro version has all features and all reports and is fully validated and compliant with 21 CFR, Part 11. Validation services are available from Ellab.
The software is currently available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish language. 

Detailed Control of Validation Studies 

  • The ValSuite™ Pro software documents and guides you through the complete thermal validation process. The database structure in the software enables complete documentation and procedural control for the operators.

Test Setup

  • Detailed test criteria can be pre-configured in the software by the operator. Information on probe placement, operator, test, vessel, required temperature limits, start and stop time, monitoring interval and specific calculations can all be repeated. This ensures accurate documentation and correct implementation of required procedures for consistent repeatable tests.

Software Data Analysis Features

  • Data analysis tools greatly reduce the time needed to find critical data. The ability to zoom graphically and display multiple windows at once simplifies identifying important data. Multiple calculation such as min/max, standard deviation, average, delta T and lethality can be calculated on any ValSuite™ Pro data eliminating the need to export data thus improving data security.
  • ValSuite™ Pro collects and presents validation data from both E-Val Pro and TrackSense® Pro data logging systems. The data from both systems can be presented and analyzed in the same session. The system can run up to 128 channels which can be identified and displayed in different groups such as penetration and distribution. Any grouping or specific channels can be displayed in a separate data block and analyzed.
  • It is also possible to merge individual sessions and run analysis for comparison purposes.



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